Martina's Vacation Between My Legs: A Lesbian Slave Story (My Lesbian Slave Martina Book 3)

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Martina's Vacation Between My Legs: A Lesbian Slave Story (My Lesbian Slave Martina Book 3)

Martina's Vacation Between My Legs: A Lesbian Slave Story (My Lesbian Slave Martina Book 3)

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He prefers a similar position to that of spanking, with more of a reverse lean so as to better accommodate His thrusts. Since that time though, with punishment looming over my head, I improved a great deal, and even redeemed myself, forgiven and excused from the punishment. He prefers my back to be straight, which is difficult for me, as my natural tendency is to reverse arch my back.

As I do these things for Him, I try to focus on the feelings I have for Him, all I appreciate that He does for me, and allow that warmth and tenderness to radiate through my hands. Usually He does not request specific items of clothing to be worn, but generally, I ask when planning to see Him, what He would like for me to wear.Sir introduces all toys and equipment by either presenting it to me or instructing me to fetch it for Him. I have begun to thank Him for blows He gives me in certain contexts, He has not commented either way on this, or corrected when I do not. When Sir is finished with the toy, or when I am cleaning up the room afterward, I am to take the toy to the closet where it is kept and hang it very deliberately in its designated spot. In 'New Home', a pretty slave has been brought to her mistress' home, and they're both anxious to 'break it in'.

Occasionally He will correct me and tell me to be still, but generally, He enjoys my arousal and encourages me to exhibit these feelings. Sir prefers that the condom box is displayed in my room, with one always set on top, ready and anticipating His need. I received this wonderfully written review of her first 30 days and she offered to share it with everyone here. Once the shoes are off or on respectively, from my kneeling position I wrap my arms around His calves and press my head down softly on His lap. The initial contact on my part is the focus and allows me to show that in waking up to start my day, He is in my first thoughts.Beyond that, He has only asked that I please Him with my removal of my clothes, and I try to be creative and pleasing in the process. This has been my sole punishable infraction to date, as the way in which He was having me made it next to impossible to resist, and in complete honesty, I wanted to see what would happen. She's 9 years older than me and bored in her marriage, so while looking for a new rush she tried to find out how it would be with a woman. A younger lady in the office starts to have sexual desires about her older co-worker but little did she know that her co-worker has been having the same thoughts, how far do they both take it? As we are still in the beginnings of our relationship, He is not 100% familiar with my wardrobe, but I do my best to accommodate His requests.

In 'Sweet Submission', a woman reflects back on the day she submitted to her mistress as she prepares herself for another perfect day of pleasure. At the outset, on the day of our first meeting, he instructed me to wear a black dress, and sit in the park reading and await Him. Sometimes He responds with additional commands, which may include meditating on a certain subject, writing, masturbation or explicit instructions to abstain from that. A young lady visiting a hotel is hit on by a very butch lesbian woman who teaches her how to worship and serve her sexual needs.

Growing out and getting used to this hair has been challenging for me, but His pleasure in knowing it is difficult but seeing that I obey nonetheless makes it a rewarding task. I keep visiting lots of online forums and chatrooms related to sex and lesbians, to meet like-minded people and find out more about myself. I am validated to read in Luna's writing that my concern over my appearance, and also trying to be peaceful, not fidget and be patient was already positive in the direction of desired qualities in a submissive. Sir employs both the counting method and basic instruction for orgasm on command training and only during sex, which makes it easier for me.

His tone changes immediately as he demands the proper response and I know I run the risk of displeasing Him should I not enunciate properly. In 'In Her Eyes', a woman finds herself gazing into a beautiful woman's eyes while at a diner, and is immediately whisked off into a world of delightful obedience.Since that day, we have grown together in many ways, and the ways in which I have learned to please Him are outlined below. If I am to stand and be punished, I must brace myself stiffly armed on a designated piece of furniture, slightly bent, head down. Often I will casually hold this position, while writhing a bit, gazing at Him to allow Him to feel my passion and desire, and my hunger. When I am to be spanked, I am to kneel and bend over with my face flat, shoulders to the bed, and present myself. He informed me at that time that His women do not kneel on the floor, only on pillows, and so I learned my first lesson.

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