The Wisdom of Insecurity

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The Wisdom of Insecurity

The Wisdom of Insecurity

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This no-method view with resolving a fundamental life problem could be said to put Watts firmly against much of the philosophy of personal development. If the simplest things caused wonder, if you had little use for thinking of the past or worrying about the future, then the "childish" you was truly living in ways you cannot even begin to fathom as an adult. E atraves tanto da ciencia como da religiao estamos dissecados em varias partes para melhor entender a nós mesmos, porem quando fazemos isso deixamos de fora muitas outras partes que nao foram analisadas ou omitidas durante o estudo de nós mesmos. This comes from that game where both players try to last as long as they can not thinking about polar bears.

I was expecting a thought-provoking question or two to rise to the surface, so I kept at it, but in the end was left with the distinct feeling that I'd just listened to a stoner with a big ego ramble on for a while. However, if we are continuously living in an imagined, abstracted future (or past) moment, then when those moments actually come, we will miss them if we are living again in another imagined moment.

What we are remembering about the past is happening right now and thus becomes part of our present experience. This pattern of “is it deeply profound or nonsense” alternates back and forth until you’re not quite sure anymore. If I am afraid, my efforts to feel and act bravely are moved by the fear, for I am afraid of fear, which is simply to say that my efforts to escape from what I am are moving in a circle. No matter how much security we try to gather we will always need more, which only perpetuates our anxious cycles. Human beings in general, but particularly in our modern age, live in a near-constant state of dissatisfaction and anxiety.

If there is no self, but only experience, and such experience is this changing, fluid process and reality is this changing, fluid process, then it doesn’t take much stretch to claim they are part of the same thing. This suggests that not only is there no method for achieving resolution, but wanting to achieve a resolution is a symptom of the initial problem! However, I suppose I shouldn’t get too caught up in this contradiction, seeing as for a man who believed in the essential unexplainability of Zen, Watts’ himself wrote over twenty books about it.We are not certain where this I lives: in our heads, our bodies but we are certain there is a I and everybody else is you.

As is evident from his forgettable arguments about determinism, his own admittance of the relevant concepts' reliance on intuition and not intellectual argument, and the vast number of assumptions he makes without evidence, this is not meant to be considered a 'scholarly' work at all, despite the scientific references within.Pa ko ti je kriv kad ti je intuicija zbog života u kapitalizmu na nivou krave opaučene maljem koja ide u klanicu na pokretnoj traci. I honestly think that if I had spent many years studying East Asian philosophy (drawing from literature and other sources as well, as Watts does) and compiling my findings into a short book, I would have come up with something very similar. So, it was with trepidation that I started writing this review, since by trying to intellectualize Watts’ philosophy, I’m ignoring his number one credo and going to find myself hopelessly stuck in a rut. But I think it is provocative in that it also neatly resolves some of the practical and metaphysical problems I see with a more standard, scientific Western view of the world. If you came to this page expecting a review rather than my life story, then I apologize for the disappointment.

Nor, on the other hand, is it interested in being free, in acting perversely just to prove its independence. Another notion I thought was compelling was the idea that a focus on self-imporvement causes the person pain.He plays with thoughts like how a chess master plays with the figures on the board: while he dances around with ease along his thoughts, the patterns and conclusions are striking. One gets the sense that Watts has wrestled with his own demons and developed a depth of self-awareness that would scare many of us. Although there's scant mention (though some) of Eastern philosophic thought (chiefly Hindu and Buddhist), it's clear that Watts has been there and that it informs his thinking. Read it with a fresh mind, read it more than once, and remember that Watts will often sacrifice the clarity of his point for a play on words or a joke.

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