My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla

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My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla

My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla

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We must think of a gradual regression from the usage of fossil fuels, for a sudden shift would do more harm than good on a financial level, especially in global markets. In the book, he mostly talked about himself, his family and friends and generally more human topics than scientific ones. Many things that we take for granted today such as our electrical system, computers and smart phone would not be possible without Nikola Tesla. My Inventions" is a semi-autobiographical series of articles that were published in an electronics hobby magazine in 1919, wherein Tesla relates bewildering personal anecdotes about the strange things he experienced as a child he believes were formative for many of his inspirations, alongside more commonplace life events and explanations of how his inventions came to fruition.

Für mich hat sich die Lektüre gelohnt und meine Bewunderung für Nikola Tesla ist noch weiter gewachsen. In the case of DC (Edison, in his limited vision, was a fan of direct current) every house was required to have their own generator because DC will only travel so far. Not just ideas, but words triggered his brain to enable him to see the objects as 3 dimensional pictures. Indeed, later in life he used this ability to design a number of his inventions, and once constructed in the real world they worked the very first time since he had already tested them out - in his mind!Parecchi aneddoti della giovinezza mi sembrano francamente inverosimili e forse derivano dai problemi nervosi che notoriamente affliggevano Tesla. The fascinating autobiography of the legendary inventor behind the radio, wireless energy, robotics, and much more.

Only through annihilation of distance in every respect, as the conveyance of intelligence, transport of passengers and supplies and transmission of energy will conditions be brought about some day, insuring permanency of friendly relations. A series of articles written by Tesla that give autobiographical insight into his development into an inventor.One of the amazing things about Tesla's mind was that he had developed the ability to completely visualize in his head a working model of whatever piece of machinery he planned to build - a mental CAD, if you will. We can all appreciate the skill of a mechanic who can get our car fixed, but what about the engineer who invents? When Tesla did so, Edison laughed and said, "Tesla, you don't understand our American sense of humour". Astăzi se împlinesc 166 de ani de la nașterea lui Nikola Tesla (10 iulie 1856), una dintre cele mai interesante și misterioase personalități din lumea științei și a inventicii, un personaj care mă fascinează și pe care îl admir de multă vreme. He was way ahead of his time and people did not encourage many of his brilliant ideas, which is really sad.

It seems he saw the world as cause and effect or stimulus and response from emotions to disease to war to machines - everything is a response to a stimulus and may be solved or explained like an equation. Tesla has always been a hero for me, and he has always been one of the principal reasons why I love electricity. The Strange Life of Nikola Tesla was published by Kolmogorov-Smirnov Publishing, and subsequently became the first online version of Nikola Tesla's Autobiography.While reading this book, I couldn’t stop myself from thinking how he would feel about seeing someone reading his own book in an electronic device and then writing a review about it on an intelligent telephone and being able to share with a community through a wireless form of transmission, just like he had envisioned. Tesla was famous for inventing alternating current (AC), which is used in every house and electric motor today. Can anyone believe that so hopeless a physical wreck could ever be transformed into a man of astonishing strength and tenacity, able to work thirty-eight years almost without a day’s interruption, and find himself strong and fresh in body and mind?

One was a wealthy business man who wanted to do more business and the other one was humanitarian and wanted to provide free energy to the whole world which would put an end to the war between nations in the name of power and energy.And I am so delighted to read this book, because it surprisingly made me have a more profound understanding of his life and how he faced several breakdowns just because he was so ahead of his time. The author compiled a lot of Tesla's essays from The Electrical Experimenter magazine to piece meal together a short autobiography. His tendency to believe that he could accomplish anything he could imagine, and he accomplished a great deal, make it difficult to sort out which of his ideas are mere flights of fancy, and actually not possible, versus those he merely never got round to completing. Avrei preso un pesce al volo con un sasso, che lo avrebbe scagliato contro la roccia con il risultato di tagliarlo in due parti. Because of his pronouncements and the nature of his work over the years, Tesla gained a reputation in popular culture as the archetypal "mad scientist".

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