Gabriel Seth: The Flesh Tearer (Lords of the Space Marines)

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Gabriel Seth: The Flesh Tearer (Lords of the Space Marines)

Gabriel Seth: The Flesh Tearer (Lords of the Space Marines)

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Seth and his Flesh Tearers have earned a great deal of animosity from other Imperial military forces who the Flesh Tearers often ignored or disregarded during combined operations because of their over-aggressive tendencies. At the same time, even other Astartes often refuse to serve alongside the Flesh Tearers because of their tendency to rush headlong into battle without regard for strategy or tactics. Flesh Tearers Librarians have a number of unique psychic abilities only used by the psykers of their Chapter: Due to the Chapter's constrained size, each company was capable of maintaining sufficient resources in its armoury to equip its members with the gear necessary to fulfil any of these roles effectively. Whatever Astorath knows or has seen of the future, whatever plans he has for Seth and his army of slaughterers, they are a mystery to even Commander Dante himself. Mephiston arrived on the Blood Angels' Shrine World of Sabien to judge Arkio, and turned the powers of his formidable witch-sight upon him. He saw the carefully hidden seed of Chaos that Stele had planted inside Arkio and denounced the "Reborn Angel" as false and Inquisitor Stele as a Heretic. Mephiston then challenged Arkio to a duel but before it began, Arkio's biological brother Sergeant Rafen, a fellow Blood Angel, arrived and offered to challenge him instead. Rafen was one of the few Blood Angels of the 6th Company who had doubted the veracity of Arkio's supposed resurrection, keeping faith with the Emperor and their Primarch, and formally denounced his brother as false.

Like their fellow Astartes Chapters, the Flesh Tearers also maintain a Librarium of potent psykers who are highly talented and trained to master the power of the Warp at the highest levels. Each Chapter selects its Librarians in its own way, either from seed worlds, as it does with the bulk of its Initiates, or from the ranks of gifted psykers brought to the Scholastica Psykana of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica. As a young Lexicanium originally named Battle-Brother Calistarius, Mephiston first served as a battle-psyker of the Blood Angels Librarium, and as an honourary member of the 1st Company under Captain Raphael during the cleansing of the infamous Space Hulk Sin of Damnation in 589.M41. Achilus Crusade (813.M41) - A Flesh Tearers strike force based around elements from the 1 st and 2 nd Companies arrived unheralded during the Achilus Crusade in the Jericho Reach around the world of Herisor, soon after the first tendrils of Hive Fleet Dagon hit the Orpheus Salient. The Chapter fought a series of actions trailing along the salient, intercepting tendrils of the Hive Fleet and buying time for other Imperial forces to muster a defence. The Chapter took heavy losses in these actions, yet refused to slow the pace of its operations, throwing itself into battle after battle against the ravening xenos monstrosities that were the Tyranids. It was a desperate hope at best until the arrival of the Indomitus Crusade on Baal and the inclusion of the Primaris Marines in the Flesh Tearers' ranks. Now Seth has a new fear -- that when his Chapter has lost their defining rage, they may transform into something different...something less than the true scions of Sanguinius. In the wake of the Indomitus Crusade and the Devastation of Baal in ca. 999.M41, the Flesh Tearers' dwindling ranks were brought up to full strength by an infusion of hundreds of Primaris Space Marines drawn from Sanguinius' lineage.If the Tactical Doctrine was active for your army during the previous battle round, you can change it so that the Assault Doctrine is now active. Dante slammed his hand down, brooking no more dissent from the assembled scions of Sanguinius. The Flesh Tearer had said his piece, now Seth would listen to what the assembly had to say. Dante gestured to Techial, Chapter Master of the Disciples of Blood. He had been appointed the assembly's Chronicler. It fell to him to recount Seth's sins, to detail the actions that had brought the Flesh Tearers to such a juncture. Techial unfurled a length of parchment and read the charges aloud.

During this time, these Space Marines remained constantly on crusade, destroying any Heretics whose path they crossed. Those they encountered, they defeated. Those they defeated, they utterly annihilated, leaving no stone left unturned and no living beings to continue any heresy. Siege of Hypnoth (910-911.M41) - The Flesh Tearers took part in the Siege of Hypnoth against the Necron forces of the Sautekh Dynasty, led by the Phaeron Imotekh the Stormlord. The Necron Overlord's campaigns were temporarily halted by the Imperium's resolute defence of the Forge World Hypnoth as Astra Militarum and Space Marine reinforcements flooded into the battle zone. Despite a valorous defence by the Flesh Tearers and Iron Hands Chapters, Hypnoth was eventually conquered by the undying Necrons. This means that any Space Marine army can choose to use these Detachments should they see fit, provided they abide by their restrictions – no matter how much you love Librarians, you won’t be taking Space Marine psykers in a Righteous Crusaders Detachment. The main one you’ll need to worry about is that you can’t mix in units with a different Chapter’s keywords, so no non-Space Wolves named characters or Deathwing Terminators in the Champions of Russ Detachment, for example Dark AngelsDante rendered the final verdict. "Gabriel Seth, son of blessed Sanguinius, Chapter Master of the Flesh Tearers." He paused, driving his sword down into the earth. "This council finds you unfit to bear such a title." He went on to inform Seth that the Flesh Tearers would be broken up, a portion of their number subsumed by each of their Chapters and placed under watch of their most steadfast Chaplains. Seth inquired as to his fate. Dante began to inform him that he would remain on Baal, until such time as madness or death claimed him. However, they also exhibited a substantial degradation of culture and social structure. At some point in their history, these beings must have undergone an event that left their society with a near-complete loss of Human spoken language. Cretacia was home to a small population of feral Humans whose genes were pure and who had developed a remarkable Neolithic warrior culture that produced strong and able Flesh Tearers recruits. Seth informed the assembly that he had come to make a sacrifice, but one that would include him alone. They might damn him, removing his name and deeds from the histories of the Imperium. But they would spare his Chapter, he warned. Dante informed the Flesh Tearer that he was in no position to make demands. Castellan Zargo, Chapter Master of the Angels Encarmine, agreed with the Lord Commander, pointing an accusatory finger at Seth, warning him that he would account for his deeds. Seth interjected, yes, he would -- but only his deeds. And with him it would end.

The Lord Commander warned Seth that anger and despair had seen the end of Nassir. Seth sighed, sobered by Dante's words. Nassir Amit had been the first of the Flesh Tearers' Chapter Masters. A brutal, vicious warrior, his deeds were great and many. He had fought in the Great Crusade and conquered Cretacia, the world Seth now called home. Amit had been the best of them before his thirst for blood and violence had consumed him. Seth explained to the council that he had stood consumed by darkness and led an army of monsters in defence of the light. He had done what must be done to ensure the future of his Chapter. Part of a grand alliance of the Blood Angels' Successor Chapters, the Flesh Tearers had taken their place in a thin crimson line standing against the Tyranids. The Chapter sought redemption for its many past misdeeds, and Chapter Master Gabriel Seth hoped that he might yet bring honour to his dying Chapter, tempering its Red Thirst in the blood of its enemies. At some point after the birth of the Great Rift Mephiston willingly underwent the torturous surgical procedure of the Rubicon Primaris and ascended to become a Primaris Space Marine. Zargo snarled in frustration, asking the High Chaplain, did they actually need the Flesh Tearers. Astorath replied, that they did. The Emperor in His infinite wisdom created many sons, each of differing aspect. Zargo was their zeal, Malakim their redemption and Sentikan their protector. If Dante was their conscience, then they should let Seth be their blade. They should let the Flesh Tearers be the teeth of that blade. Turning to regard the Flesh Tearers Chapter Master, Astorath continued, explaining that even though Seth was a wretched berserker and his actions were ill-considered and rash, they were in need of such mongrels if they were to triumph. For the first time in two solar days, silence filled the vastness of the chamber. Behind the unreadable visage of his death mask, Dante smiled. Wars, he knew, were won with weapons, not principles. Gabriel Seth was nothing if not a weapon.It is a world of gargantuan beasts, magma geysers, and volatile electrical storms. Volcanic eruptions and sharp tectonic shifts threaten to rip apart its continents and swallow those arrogant enough to inhabit its surface. Seth explained to the Inquisitor that this was the true daemon the Flesh Tearers wrestled with every day, the daemon that, at best, they were sometimes able to harness and use as a weapon against the Emperor's enemies in the form of the Death Company, and, at its worst stole away their lives and their sanity even as they continued to serve the Imperium. Seth demanded to know by what right was someone like Herrold competent to judge the Flesh Tearers guilty of heresy in the face of such a burden. Others are not so accepting, for they have difficulty recognising the Calistarius of old in Mephiston. Calistarius was voluble, yet Mephiston's tongue is silent save at times of great need. Calistarius sought the company of his brothers both on and off the battlefield, yet Mephiston spends silent hours alone in thought, and his face, though noble beyond compare, somehow speaks of a soul still ill at ease. Perhaps these changes were inevitable, given the trial of transformation. Though Seth knew that in the wake of the Indomitus Crusade the Flesh Tearers would be reinforced with Primaris Space Marines of Sanguinius' lineage who were not as susceptible to the Flaw and the Flesh Tearers' mutant version of it, Seth was not very satisfied at the prospect of seeing the Flesh Tearers' numbers swell once more. He believed that Roboute Guilliman's gift of the Primaris Astartes would transform the Flesh Tearers and the other Successor Chapters of the Blood Angels into further copies of his own Ultramarines who just wore variants of crimson armour rather than blue. Seth was convinced that without their inherent fury, his Space Marines would lose what had made them true scions of Sanguinius and become something else in time, something less. Dante asked the High Chaplain why he would stand in Seth's defence. Seth had troubled him, even bloodied him on a prior visit to Baal, and on more than one occasion. Astorath explained that they were the Emperor's avenging angels. They showed no mercy. No forgiveness. They had been bred to bring only death. They were terrible to behold and their fury was the stuff of fire-swept legends. Yet, there were terrors in the depths of the universe whose might eclipsed their own, whose hatred they could not comprehend. There were foes they must face who would cross the lines of honour and kinship that they could not afford to break.

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