IRWIN JACK PLUS 880 Universal Handsaw 20'' (500mm) 8TPI, 10505212

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IRWIN JACK PLUS 880 Universal Handsaw 20'' (500mm) 8TPI, 10505212

IRWIN JACK PLUS 880 Universal Handsaw 20'' (500mm) 8TPI, 10505212

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Saws with long blades are designed for long strokes. These are more efficient when cutting larger pieces of wood, but they require more movement from the user. Construction quality is going to be key when it comes to the longevity of any hand saw, and a good quality saw may also be easier to use. Blades can be as long as 550mm (22″) – the longer the blade, the longer and more efficient the stroke.

Teeth should be induction hardened, tempered, and razor-sharp. Ideally, they should be precision ground on three surfaces, so they cut on both the push and pull strokes. Tenon saws are used for both hard and soft wood where precision is needed. They produce a neat finish and offer the user full control as the blade doesn’t flex. These are suitable for making deep and accurate cuts in joinery. The first thing to look at is the blade quality. Ideally, the blade should be made from hardened steel. Absolutely. Irwins products are designed for the needs of their primary user - the professional tradesman, so they are tough, durable and built to last. For very precise work, a shorter saw is preferable. You’ll have more control over the end of the blade which can lead to a neater finish. If you’re sawing logs for the fire and there’s no need for precision, a longer saw will be more efficient.The number of teeth in your hand saw is also important. However, it’s important to note that simply referring to the number of teeth doesn’t tell us much, as hand saws can vary so enormously in length. Pull-stroke saws have thinner blades and are designed for more delicate cuts. You should have more control pulling the saw towards you, allowing you to make more precise cuts with a neat finish. The blade is likely to be thinner and more delicate, however, so more care will be needed. Instead, we need to look at ‘teeth per inch’ or TPI . This number typically varies from 7 to 14 TPI. The more teeth per inch, the cleaner and more precise cut you will achieve. A saw with fewer teeth will be more efficient, but you’ll sacrifice accuracy and a neat finish.

Pruning saws are used around the garden to neaten up tree branches and shrubs. Construction Quality Coping saws are used for cutting through hard and soft wood, plastic, ceramic and some metals. These are very versatile so if you’re not sure what you’re going to be using your hand saw for the most, a coping saw is a good option. The blades are replaceable, so you should find these saws are good value for money and last a long time. Comfort and balance between the handle and the blade are important. The saw shouldn’t feel top-heavy, and you should be able to get a good grip on the handle. Some handles have rubber grips to prevent slipping.

The blade should feature a lacquer coating for both weather resistance and reduced friction when cutting wood. It’s also worth considering your frame when deciding on the best length of saw. Someone who is 6’2″ will prefer a different saw to someone who is 5’5″. The taller person will naturally have a longer saw stroke, and the saw you choose will need to be a couple of inches longer than this length. Number of Teeth An ergonomic handle is an extremely important feature of the hand saw. Ideally, it should be both screwed and welded to the blade.

Also yes. Their power tools and accessories will give you a professional finish your home deserves so you know you’re in safe hands with Irwin. Saws with shorter blades are better for smaller pieces of wood or plastic . These require less overall movement from the user but can be less efficient. Keep your index finger on the side of the hand saw to give you more control. Your wrist, elbow and shoulder should be aligned with the blade. Begin by making two or three upward strokes with the hand saw until the teeth start to bite into the wood. Secondly, secure the workpiece to the workbench with clamps. If the workpiece moves around as you are sawing the cut will not be accurate.Work on a solid workbench or table. If the table wobbles or moves this is not only potentially dangerous but will also affect the straightness of your cut. Bow saws produce a rougher finish as they are designed for faster cutting. These are used mainly for tree branches and logs for fires, where a smooth finish isn’t necessary. The length of the saw is also very important. Hand saws can vary in length from around 6” to 24”. The length of the blade itself is worth looking at.

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